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AK Resin Designs

Personalized Colorful Flower Bookmark

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Cute personalized bookmark that is the perfect accessory for a girly book lover. Mark your place in style with this custom bookmark. This is a great option if you love to add personalization to your belongings and can be a great gift as well. We love making these for those with unique names since it's rare to find your name on items in a retail store.

This bookmark is made with Epoxy Resin which takes 24 hours to "cure" or harden. You choose the color of your bookmark and your font. We add a matching flower (specific flower type cannot be guaranteed but we will match the color of your bookmark) Your name is printed with black vinyl and placed on the bookmark. A final top coat of resin is applied to prevent any wearing of the name. This allows a bookmark that last much longer than a traditional paper bookmark.

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